Debora Prescillia
Debora Prescillia
She becomes a leader with good intuition and a broad way of thinking to give a different touch in every communication strategy she creates.
About Debora Prescillia

Her penchant for writing since childhood made her start her career as an economic journalist in Koran Jakarta. At that time she was responsible for macro-economic news that brought her to know the world of economics and Indonesian economic figures more deeply. Continuing her journalistic career, Debora joined as a Business News Anchor and News Producer at MNC Business Channel (now IDX Channel), an economic and business channel owned by MNC Media Group in Indonesia. She was responsible for a daily business live talk show that made her meet and know a lot of people from various circles, interviewing many important figures in Indonesia both from entrepreneurs to government officials.

From the corporate experience side, Debora’s career is no less varied. She explores the ability to organize and develop her communication competencies combined with marketing techniques and creativity from several leading companies in Indonesia.

Debora said she learned leadership when she was part of a trainee management program at McDonald’s Indonesia. She learned to manage F&B business, starting from managing employees, doing sales calculations every day, and ensuring that the services that the store provided were following the existing SOPs.

In addition to her experience, when she expanded her career in the logistics industry, she gained perspective about the business and also initiated many internal communication initiatives while leading the communication department for Pos Logistics Indonesia, one of which is by creating a monthly internal magazine for communication containers between companies, employees and clients.

After the world of logistics, Debora solidified her steps to dock into the world of Financial Services. While serving as Head of Marketing and Corporate Communication at MNC Asset Management and also MNC Life Assurance, Debora initiated many corporate activities and collaboration activities with external parties to foster awareness among millennials to invest in the capital market, and encourage them to know the concept of financial freedom. Debora also initiated CSR programs for all business units in MNC Financial Services with MNC Peduli when helping children of flood victims in Rawa Kucing, Tangerang, Indonesia who could not attend school.

Born and raised in Jakarta, Indonesia, Debora holds a Bachelor in Communication (Journalism) from Padjadjaran University. She spends her spare time exploring life by traveling and reading books. Until now, she is always open to a new environment, so she could continue learning, developing ideas and concepts. She is also a great humanitarian, which often gravitates her to help others or give real value in some way through her work.

Now she is part of APRW. Her entrepreneurial spirit is constantly fueling new ideas for a rapidly evolving industry, and she believes that her career is still progressing. There is always another client, colleague, or company that she wants to meet, work with or learn from. Someone said: “what got you here won’t get you there.” That makes her always excited about what lies ahead.

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